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For the past weeks, PECON team has been very busy – working voluntarily, immersed into helping journalists in Leyte and Samar.

A staff of the DYVL Aksyon Radio looks at the destroyed studio building. PHOTO BY CHARLIE SACEDA

A staff of the DYVL Aksyon Radio looks at the destroyed studio building. PHOTO BY CHARLIE SACEDA

PECOJON responds to the disaster in the context of quality journalism and its journalist-for-journalist principle.

PECOJON believes that by providing support to journalists in times of disasters especially who are victims themselves, they would continue to provide quality information to the public. With quality information, the public is empowered to make decisions that affect their daily lives.

The team started assessment 4 days after Super Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines. Here are what the team has done so far:

03 December 2013: Team comes back to Leyte, arriving in Ormoc.

Local Journalists in Tacloban

04 December 2013: The team distributes foodstuff, cooking and kitchen materials, a laptop, printer, internet devices for the Tacloban Media Center’s use. The TMC was organized by the community journalists themselves and was located at the sport complex in Tacloban City.

Len gave input on helping each other out through collaboration.

Local Journalists in Tacloban

05 – 09 December 2013: PECOJON sits in meetings with international NGOs, local NGOs and UN cluster.CS5d2a1205134413

11 December 2013: More equipment were delivered to the TMC.

14 December 2013: The Tacloban Media Center was moved to a private space and journalists still man the space at the sport complex where the center of relief operations is.

15 December 2013: PECOJON Team leaves Tacloban for preparation and coordination of next activities. Tacloban Media Center Coordinators names.

The team would like to express utmost gratitude to all journalists and friends who have come to support the team in this endeavour. This is PECOJON’s journalists for journalist principle. Through the team, other journalists, media practitioners and friends were able to share what they have to affected journalists in Leyte and Samar.

Local Journalists in Tacloban


We would like to initially thank the following who have supported us in our effort:

Philippine Misereor Partnership, Inc.
PECOJON International
Laggo Maggiore Insitute
Antonia Koop
Matthias Witzel
Sarah Monz
Free Press Unlimited
Marit Cabugon
Erik de Castro
Agence France Press
Jason Guttierez
Center for Community Journalism and Development
Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines
GMA News Cebu
Cebu-Citizens Press Council
Cebu Federation of Beat Journalists
Sunstar Cebu
The Freeman
Nef Luczon
Jimmy Domingo
Ed Lingao
The Yo Garden
LR Partnership
Jamela Alindogan
Alaska Milk
Jes Aznar
Jaycees Manila
Hilda Yaneza
Froilan Gallardo
Kat Palasi
Myra Tambor
Dennis Jay Santos
Caritas Pilipinas
CBCP Media Office
Aesthetikos Club of Mindanao University of Science & Technology
I love Tacloban Group
Chopsticks couple
First Response Radio


While most of the newspapers, TV and radio stations have been crippled by the storm, PECOJON team also helps journalists get back on their feet by connecting them to national and international news agencies for work. More and more journalists are back working as stringers of international news agencies and correspondents of newspapers outside Tacloban City.

OUTLOOK in the coming weeks:

PECOJON will be implementing a stress and trauma training for the affected journalists in Tacloban during the Christmas season. German Psychologist Matthias Witzel and Dr. Sarah Monz, who offered their services for free and even paying for their own airfare, will be facilitating the training.

We are continuing to talk to groups on how to fully rebuild journalism in Tacloban and nearby towns. At present, only government run media and a private run AM radio are facilitating information dissemination at the community level.

Local Journalists in Tacloban

More photos available on PECOJON’s Facebook Page. Click this ink.

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