(Ledrolen Manriquez, Pecojon Philippines coordinator, reports on Pecojon’s quick help to journalists affected by the flashfloods brought about by Typhoon Sendong in Cagayan de Oro. Here is the full text:)


3 January 2012

Dear Friends,

As I write this mail, I think of all of you in good health, in a happy mood and in a really joyful moment. I wish and hope that on the third day of this New Year , you are still somehow in a relax mode savouring the sweetness of work, friendship and family and if by chance you have been terribly busy, I do pray that you will have a little bit of time without stress.

I would like to also take this opportunity to individually thank each of you for the support and donations you have so wholeheartedly given to our media friends affected by Sendong. All kinds of support you’ve provided — moral and financial — expanded care with a much bigger reach. Salamat po ng marami. May God grace you with more blessings so you may have the opportunity to share yourself even more.

Dec 18 (D-Day + 1)
…to Carol Arguillas and Gigi Bueno of MindaNews for facilitating receipt of the 6 boxes of initial support for journalists affected and journalists covering the flash floods and its aftermath;
…to JB Deveza of NUJP for receiving the goods and hosting it at the NUJP office;
…to Peterson Bergado for keeping himself strong amidst the chaos of mud and debris…for accepting us and allowing us to stay in his wonderful abode, salamat gid Sir Aping!;
…to Froi and Erwin, thanks for the briefing. Thanks too for your strength especially to Erwin who has been reporting despite having lost a place to stay.

Dec 19 (D-Day +2)
…to Ms Stella Estremera and Daniel Jaeger who immediately deposited financial assistance to Charlie’s account on Dec 19 and by which enabled us to provide immediate financial support to the first journalists we’ve known to be affected by the catastrophe. Maraming maraming salamat sa inyo.
…to Jigger Jerusalem for meeting with us by the bridge. Salamat Jigs!
…to Sir Red (CCJD) and Weng (NUJP) for pulling strings in Manila and for launching the Tabang Media initiative. Thank you very very much! Thank you too to the FFFJ and the CMFR.
…to Jason Gutierrez for bringing the matter to FOCAP and for giving gifts to the children of our media friends, Salamat ng marami Jason!
…to Lyn Rillon, Aaron Recuenco, Minnie Degawan, Cecille Suerte Felipe,
Sweet Cawicaan, and Chingbee Templo for the cash donations and goods,
…to Ms. Madeline Quiamco, Peng Alino, Norilyn Temblor, Allen Estabillo and VJ Villafranca for the support,
…to Ben Tesiorna for pulling support from his friends,
…to Beth Luczon and Ailyn Corrales for the communication,

Dec 20 (D-Day + 3)
…to Erik de Castro, Bulit Marquez, Dennis Sabangan and Ted Aljibe for providing the first financial assistance for the family of the late Enie Alsonado of RMN. Salamat ng marami sa inyong apat!
…to John Javellana for the financial support,
…to Allison Lopez of the ICRC for the support,
…to Ms. Yoly Esguerra of the PMPI for the support,
…to members of the Justice Beat from Cebu City for the financial donations,
…to Ryan Rosauro for bringing us to RMN. The contact with Neil Adolfo helped greatly in completing the list for Iligan.
…to Merlyn, for being strong,
…to Jorge Carino for the support,
…to Bobby Timonera…for the delicious dinner, and of course, the rich coffee!

Dec 21- (D-Day + 4 ++)
…to Ms Mayette, for the guidance and affirmation,
…to Rox Arevalo for helping us with list in Iligan,
…to Dr. Richard Kochoa for the medicines,
…to Inday Varona for the bag of clothes,
…to Julius and Hannah for the bags of clothes,
…to Kublai for approving the auction of his painting,
…to Misereor for allocating funds for our immediate relief actions,
…to Antonia for setting up donations from Germany and the UK,
…to Matthias for looking through a trauma care workshop in January,
…to Doc Sarah for the support,
…to all Pecojon alumni/members, CCJD partners and NUJP members for the support, prayers and trust, Maraming Maraming Salamat sa inyong lahat.
…and to friends for all the help, thank you very very much.

We feel truly blessed as instruments of your care and compassion. Thank you very very much!

Len Manriquez

p.s. if ever I missed on someone, please accept my apologies and let me know.


Dec. 17, 2011
14.00H-21.00H Purchase and packing of medicines, water and canned goods; Monitoring, Incident inquiries and report to CCJD and NUJP;

Dec. 18, 2011
03.00H Airport to Airport transfer of 6 boxes from Cebu to Cagayan de Oro

08.00H Gigi Bueno of Mindanews picked up Cargo from CDO Airport. JB Deveza of NUJP Safety Office pickep up Cargo from Gigi.

17.00H Arrival Len Manriquez and Charlie Saceda in CDO

21.00H Meeting with Froilan, JB and Erwin

Dec. 19, 2011
08.00H-17.00H Site visit, text brigade for support to journalists

Dec. 20, 2011
07.00H Repacking of rice and goods for affected journalists in CDO

Meeting with Ryan and Richel (delivery of boots for coverage and medicine kits)
Visit to RMN
Visit to Enie Alsonado
Stop over At Bobby T’s residence

Dec. 21, 2011
06.00-23.00H Charlie in Iligan

08.00-12.00H Len at NUJP office and Xavier University

1400H Len: Site visit to Balulang

2000H Initial Report to Pecojon International

2300H Pack-up

Dec. 22, 2011
05.00H Departure to Cebu

Dec. 25, 2011
10.00H Departure to CDO (Karlon Rama and Charlie Saceda)

11.00H Karlon with Jes, Iris, Cong and JB

1300H Charlie, Karlon along with Jes, Iris, JB visit Cong’s house

1500H Visit to Macasandig

1700H Return home

2200H Charlie and Karlon meet Nef and Froi

Dec. 26, 2011
0900H Tabang Media distribution at the NUJP Safety office

1000H Charlie with Jes and Froi at Consolacion to take photos

1200H Lunch meeting by NUJP with local journalists

1500H Back to NUJP Safety Office

Dec. 27, 2011
0600H CDO pier to claim 2 bales of clothes (shirts and cargo pants)

1100H Motor to Iligan City for Enie Alsonado’s burial

1700H Bayug coverage with Jes and Iris

2100H Motor to Cagayan de Oro

Dec 28. 2011
1000H Charlie and Karlon at NUJP Safety for Tabang Media

2000H Charlie and Karlon with JB meeting with Mayet Rivera

2200H Meeting with Nef

Dec 29, 2011
0800H Data Gathering at Xavier University

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